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About the designer

emma&me® founder and designer, Melissa B. Sohn, has always had a love of fashion and a drive to succeed. After graduating from college, Melissa returned to New York City to attend law school. By 2000 Melissa was ready for graduation but not to practice law. Instead, she wanted to start her own company: emma&me® was born.

Melissa was inspired to create a company that offered women beautiful jewelry at prices that would not destroy their budgets. She was also motivated to set up the kind of company that she would want to buy from if she were the customer. Accordingly, no sample goes to production unless Melissa will wear it herself. She believes that her customers are entitled to the highest level of satisfaction and did not see the marketplace responding to the needs of the consumer.

Melissa believes that jewelry has to look good, make you feel good and be comfortable. One of Melissa's greatest rewards is knowing that she is not only creating beautiful jewelry, but is also committed to giving back to the community. Accordingly, a portion of all emma&me® proceeds are donated to charity. emma&me® also frequently donates its designs to raise money for charities.

Melissa views fashion as a means of expression. She appreciates being recognized by the fashion press. However, her greatest accomplishment has been to create a company that is constantly evolving. Not only a company that she runs, but also one she is proud to work for and would be proud to buy from.

emma&me® is proud to support the Live4Life foundation for melanoma research.

The Live4Life foundation is dedicated to providing important information regarding melanoma, including prevention, treatment and support options and alternatives.

Through raising awareness of this disease and how quickly it is increasing, the Live4Life foundation is committed to raising funds for melanoma research to find a cure for this deadly disease.

For more information on how you can make a difference and get involved please visit www.live4life.org.